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LIVE "SYO-DO" Performence





    Encourage Japan and the world cheerfully and happy in Iroha! !

    "Calligrapher" and sometimes "warrior" Tetsuya Horinouchi. I am going to be a Japanese culture boasting "Iroha" that is proud of the world, I am performing writing performance across the country in the form of "warrior" in order to convey "Iroha song" funny. We also hold [calligraphy classroom that can grasp the heart]. I am also doing talk live and lecture. In 2002 I started giving a performance that "I look at you and give words with inspiration" from the street of the local Kagoshima, I have given words to more than 50,000 people so far. Iroha will make the world healthy and happy all over Japan! !


Name LIVE "SYO-DO" Performence
Number of members 1 member + 1 manager
Show time 60 min / set
Show times 3 set / Day
Max Show times 4 set / Day
Equipment required on site
Performance fee 1,000,000 JPY
Necessary expenses
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