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  • I felt a sense of crisis in "poisoned frozen dumplings incident" that occurred in 2008
    Frozen dumplings changed to human beings and was born to save the crisis of dumplings · · ·

    In March 2008, we played the first live at "Gyoza LIVE" (dumplings are all-you-can-eat music live events) held at the live house "Prison Tokyo" in Tokyo Nakano. After that, "Dumpling LIVE" counts 35 times by now (2017, 10).

    [ member ]

    Gyoza Man 1 No. Mitchie Honma (vocals)
    Music activities other than dumpling BAND play a Showa Kayo song at elderly care facilities throughout the country. Several original songs.

    Dumpling Man 2 No Kawamura Isaburi Ho (Guitar, Chorus)
    Another band, RABUTORA's vocals, guitar. Dumpling BAND Produces all songs.
    RABUTORA has several TV appearances etc. in the last couple of years, and BAND of attention in the future.
    There are many music videos (You can see it on YouTube)

    Dumpling Man 3 Tetsuya Night Baby (Base)
    Currently, there is no music activity other than dumpling BAND. Originally the older brother, Honma Akira (red and black,
    Nicky & Warriors, King Biscuit Time) band, responsible for the base with King Biscuit Time. Music studio management.

    Ron Tessienne (drum)
    A famous drummer that multiplies several bands. Many overseas expeditions as an amp tower drummer. A talented woman with various qualifications on bilingual.

    Lee Shanghai (Dance, Chorus)
    As Yuuki Rina, debuted in the industry, then retired after becoming obedient to the desire to do music. Past TV It won the event wonderfully with the program "Music Baka" that was being broadcasted in Tokyo
    Mr. Yasushi Akimoto Professional youth's release "Poly Bucket" released as a Bijyogi junction. Currently focusing on music activities while doing movies, theaters and events.

    Lee Menmen (dance, chorus)
    Serve as vocal at the Brown Coast.
    The representative song "Shonan sketchbook" is masterpieces. Not a few years ago is not a sky tree,
    I worked at a famous tower. He is also in charge of choreographed dumplings BAND songs.


Name Specialized dumplings BAND
Number of members 4 member + 1 manager
Show time 45 min / set
Show times 2 set / Day
Max Show times 3 set / Day
Equipment required on site · Drum full set
· Guitar amplifier
· Bass amp
· Four microphones
· 4 microphone stands
Performance fee 200 JPY
Necessary expenses · Round-trip air ticket 5 people
· Accommodation fee 5 people / per day
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