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−花魁− Oiran geisha photobooth



  • Oiran is a prostitute of Yoshihara Yukaku and refers to those who are high in rank. It is a modern high-class prostitute, a high-class lover and so on. ※We will not do prostitution work. It is only for enjoying that dress as a cosplay to the last.

    We will visit your desired event venue and designated location and develop "Oiran Geisha" photo booth.
    Bring shooting set / equipment from Japan and carry out it all together until "Kimono Dressing, Professional Hair Makeup, Shooting".
    Photographs taken are recorded on the spot on the spot and handed over to the media.


Name −花魁− Oiran geisha photobooth
Number of members 4 member + 1 manager
Show time 8H min / set
Show times 1 set / Day
Max Show times 1 set / Day
Equipment required on site
Performance fee 750,000 JPY
Necessary expenses · 5 round trip tickets
· Accommodation fee 5 people / per day
· Meal fee 5 people / per day
· Complete equipment transportation fee
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