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TEAM EXiA - Otaku Dance Performance-




  • It is Japan's original psyllium dance performance which made performance of what is called Japanese otaku (common name: Otagei).
    Otaku (Otagi) is a dance and a shout accompanied by a unique movement that fans unfold in idol concerts etc, and literally idol otaku (okkake) etc is a concert / live such as idol and voice actor etc going.
    It is a cheering celebration (performance) dedicated for idol, how to cheer.
    We are traveling to each concert venue, dancing Otaku perfomance in accordance with the idol and the artist's songs, as well as it is also possible to choreograph the original according to the song you want, so please consult us.


Name TEAM EXiA - Otaku Dance Performance-
Number of members 7 member + 1 manager
Show time 한곡당 약3 min / set
Show times 3 set / Day
Max Show times 3 set / Day
Equipment required on site Psyllium
PA set
Performance fee JPY
Necessary expenses Round trip tickets for 7 people
Accommodation fee · 7 people / per day
Food 7 people × 3 meals / day
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